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Periodically I will search the web for newly publicized results of dementia trials and will post them here. So far, no “magic bullets” have been discovered and many scientists are focusing on studying present healthy populations to see what lifestyle differences may benefit/protect the participants as they age.

Their search for a cure through the influence of various compounds that might reverse the disease has so far hit a brick wall. The increase of funding by the Gates Foundation will hopefully spur science in a new direction that will have a great impact! Researchers are honing in on our genetic codes in hope that when they discover the genes effecting the various dementia diseases, they will then be able to reverse or prevent them.

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  1. My wife has been told she has dementia .The doctor put her on 4 mg of GALANTAMINE. Is this effective for Dementia ?

    1. Hello Ray,

      Presently, there is no cure for dementia and most drugs that are used don’t show a marked improvement in memory, but some people do better than others. Yes, galantamine is one of the cholinesterase inhibitors as are donepezil (Aricept) and rivastigmine (Exelon). It works mainly by increasing the level of a natural chemical called acetylcholine. This is a chemical that allows nerve cells in the brain to communicate with each other, and it has been found in testing that most dementia patients have less of this chemical. Many patients who are further along in their disease than your wife, are also put on memantine (Namenda).

      The doctors will probably start with a low dose of galantamine and work up to the dose that is most effective. Since it can cause GI side effects they like to work up to the proper dose.

      I hope you will go on and find the support group in your area that you can attend. They may also offer a “Newly Diagnosed” 8 week program for patients and their spouse or significant other (mother/daughter, father/son, etc). The support group is your most valuable tool in facing the changes your wife will undergo. Hopefully your local Alzheimer’s Association offers such a course because it not only educates the caregiver, but also teaches the person with the disease how to disclose to friends and family that they have the disease. It gives them new friends who like them are dealing with the disease thereby offering tremendous support that they are not alone. It covers legal updates you must make in your documents to keep you in good stead.

      I wish you the best in finding your way on this very difficult journey. I hope you will revisit this website for other avenues of support.

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