Robin’s Wish

A Documentary About What Took Robin William’s Life

Lewy-body Dementia

Robin’s Wish…..I paid to watch this documentary on Amazon Prime…and it was so good. It completes his story. What an amazing, extremely talented man, extraordinary comedian. An unparalleled mind we will probably never again see in our lifetime. How he was plagued with some memory loss, night terrors and inability to sleep, hallucinations he didn’t understand, and delusional loops that he couldn’t break free from. Yes, he was diagnosed with early Parkinson’s disease because of a shaking hand, but Parkinson’s is so closely related to Lewy-body dementia. No one including his doctors picked up on the fact that he was a living Lewy-body dementia person. His autopsy revealed his brain was riddled with Lewy-bodies…more than the doctor doing his autopsy had ever seen in Lewy-body dementia before. It was amazing Robin could function at all!

Thank you, Susan Williams, for making this documentary. It helps to know the facets of the disease so perhaps with that knowledge more people can be helped and guided through their journey! It is better to know and understand how this disease tricks the mind, rather than to struggle in the abyss of the unknown.

He is in total peace now, bless him!

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