Moving Forward

Moving Forward

In moving forward, take it a step at a time. But when new things cross your mind that you'd like to do someday, take action. Make it happen.  I am so very lucky because I have two friends Jim and I have known for years, and they invited me to go with them to Yellowstone, and the Canadian Rockies by train after Jim's death. I didn't hesitate, I went. Both trips were amazing experiences, and I was able to share it with old friends.

This year, I wanted to fulfill my dreams of seeing the Grand Canyon, Bryce, and Zion. I didn't want to go alone, or even orchestrate a trip by myself. So I picked a trip from the Road Scholar Programs and then put out a mass e-mail asking my friends if they wanted to go. I was hoping to get someone willing to share the expenses and accommodations with me. I did!  Unfortunately she had to back out at the last minute because of some family health issues, but I decided to go by myself. I had a wonderful time and met others who were traveling alone. We were a very cohesive group.

Start with one particular thing you want to do, and little by little you will be able to branch out and attain all sorts of goals you never thought you would!

I secretly always wanted to try a spinning class (stationary bike). My neighbor joined a class and asked if I would be interested in trying it. I said, "Yes", so now I am spinning!

We all feel sorry for ourselves and our circumstances, wishing our lives were different. Wishing our loved ones were still with us, but we all know life isn't always fair. Look at the gifts that this path has given me: steadfast friends, the valuable lesson of being able to "live in the moment", and the eventual conclusion that in caregiving we did our best at the time, and that is good enough! We learn to let go of the guilt, and be very proud of ourselves for finishing the most difficult of journeys!