I Am A Dog Lover

I love dogs partly because I had dachshunds as a child. I didn’t much like cats, but that was probably because I am allergic to them and sometimes get asthmatic being with them for a long time. Early on, our son wanted a pet, but Jim was asthmatic, and so we could never have anything bigger than a gerbil.

After Jim’s death, I wanted a dog to keep me distracted from the fact that I was living alone. If you browsed the About Myself page, you learned that I had fear of the dark as a child. Who knows what it would be like living by myself. I didn’t think by that time that I would need to go back to work, at least for a while, so why not get a dog? I had the time to devote to an animal.

Although many would not want the hassle of always orchestrating who would take care of the dog should they want to travel, I was not thinking about that. I needed something to talk to and keep me company!

I started out visiting a breeder nearby who raised Old English Pocket Beagles to see if my allergies would kick up. At the time (3 months after Jim died) she had a new litter of three pups. I took lots of photos of them and I fell in love. But those pups were already promised to people, so I had to wait until the next litter in about July.

In early March I received a call from the breeder that one of the pups was returned because the adoptive mother was terribly allergic to the little girl pup. I could have her if I wanted her.  How could I refuse? It was perfect for me. Because I am caring for her, I don’t think about the things that make it scary to be alone, and she gives me so much unconditional love in return. I have become one of those crazy pet lovers who allows their pet to sleep with them and she has earned a spot on the couch.

We are now six years together and I’m so glad I did it!my dog sleeps with me

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