Honoring Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell died today of Alzheimer’s disease at 81 years old. Glen holds a very special place in my heart because he was diagnosed the year that Jim died.
I am a person who listens to the words of a song. It’s the meaning that makes me like a song, and whether it plays as a movie in my head. Many of his songs did. Glen was also from our era. Many people have said that after a person dies of dementia, they were so courageous . . . and they are. Anyone who faces their own demise before old age is courageous be it dementia, or cancer, or ALS. It’s a road that one can’t imagine unless you are the one facing it.

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The Mental Health Arrest

What is a Mental Health Arrest? You think you would never use it . . .but you might when things get dicey! Read on please . . .

A mental health arrest is the taking of a person to a hospital due to behavioral symptoms that put themselves or others in some perceived danger. Once at a hospital, a mental and physical evaluation is performed to determine if the person has some underlying infection or malady that would cause them to behave differently. Illness can wreak havoc on the elderly or memory impaired mind, that when addressed can return them to “normal” thinking and behavior.

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